Infusion Research

Why Choose Iv Infusions?

Interested in the science behind the treatments? The growing popularity of nutritional and ketamine infusions has initiated a large amount of research.



Nutrition is the most important factor in a healthy pregnancy and ensures proper fetal growth and maturation. Many aspects of pregnancy can cause malabsorption of key nutrients. A very common scenario is vomiting during pregnancy otherwise known as hyperemesis gravidarum. Hyperemesis occurs in roughly 2 percent of all pregnancies and malabsorption and malnutrition is the main focus of nutrition deficient patients. However the more common occasional pregnancy related vomiting still has significant effects on maternal nutrition. While a mother may not be able to keep down the food and water she consumes, Iv nutrition bypasses the digestive system all together allowing key nutrients to both mother and fetus. Therefore malabsorption is overcome to keep mother and fetus healthy.

Malnutrition is another concern in pregnancy as some mothers are unable to properly balance their diets to deliver the right nutrients to a growing fetus. Iv infusions can be designed to deliver all essential vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy pregnancy despite patient lifestyle.

Hydration should be a major concern during pregnancy as dehydration is linked to preterm births and labor complications. Adequate hydration during the few weeks prior to delivery can increase amniotic fluid and thus increase the chance of fetal positioning that favors a vaginal delivery and lowers the risk of caesarian sections.

Pre-Post-operative surgery

It is already concluded that surgery has many effects on even normal digestive systems. Anesthesia and surgical manipulations are linked to long lasting slowed motility and malabsorption of nutrients. Recovery from surgery is directly linked to nutrition as nutrients play vital roles in wound healing. Wound healing is a complex set of events which can be slowed as clotting factors are directly related to cell nutrition deficiencies. Recent studies have shown that the use of parenteral nutrition or nutritional iv therapy has decreased hospital stays, infections and improved wound healing. In an outpatient setting parenteral nutrition is not administered therefor nutritional iv infusions before and after surgery can speed recovery and limit post-operative complications. This is particularly important in surgeries involving the digestive system including bariatric surgery. IV nutrition is a fast way to return patients to optimization in order to handle the stress of surgery and to quickly restore health to a recovering patient after surgery. There is a recent study that suggests that preoperative nutritional infusions can even decrease the chance of post-operative nausea and vomiting.

Chronic conditions

Roughly 15 percent of the population suffers from some sort irritable bowel syndrome. Iv nutritional therapy especially glutathione has shown to correct the malabsorption issues and can reduce the stress during IBS episodes. Lactose intolerance is another example of a restricted diet in a particular patient. Routine Iv therapy can restore these nutrient deficient patients to a healthy lifestyle. Celiac disease is a prime example of malabsorption that can result in stunted growth an delayed puberty in growing children. Crohn’s disease can cause damage to any section of the digestive tract thus essential nutrition is vital. At IVhealth, the digestive tract is bypassed allowing these patients to overcome the secondary effects of this chronic illnesses.

Fatigue/Advanced age

Fatigue and Advanced age can be linked to both malabsorption and malnutrition. Often noted as weight loss in elderly or severe fatigue in the young. Iv nutrition restores energy to cells directly thus revitalizing the cell and boosting Kreb’s cycle function. Patients who are fatigued often find iv therapy as a surprising energy boost with long lasting effects. Elderly patients can have routine nutritional infusions to improve quality of life.


Since cellular nutrition is vital for tissue repair it is only natural that iv nutrition can improve athletic performance and recovery. Whether you are in training or recovering from an injury, iv nutrition improves cell function via mitochondria supplementation which ultimately results in the production of ATP. The antioxidants in our nutrition therapies have tremendous benefits for the recovering athlete.

Ketamine infusions for depression

Ketamine is a new off label alternative to the current traditional methods of treating depression. As opposed to the typical medications that effect serotonin levels, Ketamine affects the glutamate neurotransmitter. This is particularly why it is well tolerated in severely depressed patients who are taking 2 or more depression medications. Treatment resistant depression is the keystone for ketamine therapy and dozens of research articles show impressive results. Dozens of randomized controlled trials using a placebo group showed that within 40 minutes, depression symptoms improved drastically in the ketamine group and remained significant through 3 days. Using the Beck’s depression inventory scale, another study showed an average drop of beck score as high as 80 percent. We have current patients who come to our center with Beck scores as high as 45 and finish the final session with a score of 0-10. After our specially designed infusion regime, patients can enjoy these low depression scores for 1-6 months and indefinitely if they choose to receive the boost infusions every 1-3 months. Links to all scientific research are available upon request.