Pre-Infusion Preparation

To better improve and expedite your infusion experience, please follow the pre-infusion instructions.

For all infusions (excluding Ketamine infusion)

  1. First time patients may print out and fill in proper forms located on the patient forms section. Forms will also be provided at IVhealth clinic.
  2. Eat a substantial meal before arriving for an IV treatment unless otherwise advised
  3. Snacks will be provided but feel free to bring your favorite snacks
  4. Take your prescription medications as directed
  5. Arrive at least 30 minutes early to complete forms and for check in
  6. Wear loose and comfortable clothing

For Ketamine Infusion Patients

  1. First time patients may print out and fill in proper ketamine forms
  2. DO NOT eat anything 4-6 hours prior to infusion, No drinking 2 hours prior to infusion
  3. Take all prescription medications as directed
  4. Arrange to bring a visitor that will stay on site during your infusion and can drive you home
  5. Infusions will not begin unless your designated visitor is on site, visitor must stay during entire duration and will be in charge of checking you out
  6. Wear loose comfortable clothing