With the Oklahoma opioids guidelines changing on November 1, many people are starting to talk about what their alternative options might be. With Oklahoma having declared a war on the opioid crisis, new prescriptions will be harder and harder to obtain. Additionally, prescription refills are more demanding, meaning that both doctors and patients may be reluctant to jump through the hoops. With the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, many residents are asking the question:
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Why Does Your Medical Marijuana Formula Make You Sleepy? One of the questions that many prospective medical marijuana patients ask is “Will it make me sleepy”?  In Oklahoma, Medical marijuana has the potential to relieve a wide range of symptoms and conditions but as with any medicine, you have to be aware of the negative side effects.  It’s important to look at the chemical compound of your Medical Marijuana formula. Many people report that it
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IV flu therapy is the new chicken soup for flu recovery
Don’t have time for the flu? You’re not alone. Thousands of Americans try unsuccessfully to bypass the flu every year – without much luck! Influenza is a potentially dangerous condition that can not just lay you low for a few days, but can also lead to some serious complications and in worst cases even death. Many people think of the flu as a more severe version of a cold, but there are some significant differences
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By Tim Talley and Adam Kealoha Causey | July 2, 2018 | (excepts reprinted from Insurancejournal.com) Medical Marijuana, Nontraditional Pain Relief, Oklahoma medical marijuana. Read more about Oklahoma Medical Marijuana: The head of Oklahoma’s health agency said there’s a framework in place to get the medical marijuana industry rolling in the state soon, despite concerns from Gov. Mary Fallin that a statewide vote “opens the door” for recreational use. Oklahoma voters easily approved a state
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