Hydrated skin is beautiful skin. Hydrated skin is a simple beauty necessity! Not only is optimal hydration key to life, but it can also affect physical appearance. Hydrated skin is the key to beautiful skin tone, texture and color. Too much fluid and you can appear bloated and swollen, too little and your skin can appear cracked and wrinkled. Optimal hydration is the balance of water, nutrients and good diet that gives your skin a
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We know the story, you have a fun and relaxing weekend, and then on Monday you find that your energy has been zapped by the constant barrage of phone calls, emails, meetings, crisis opportunities and more. As you sit back in your chair, you contemplate your next move (ie chocolate, a highly caffeinated beverage, junk food, a “healthy” energy drink, a protein shake, etc). Today’s workforce is likely to reach for an energy drink –
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Probably not—but it might be part of the solution By Jonathan N. Stea Reprinted from Scientific American, March 15, 2019 Cannabis is deeply misunderstood. It has been hailed as a potential hero in the fight against all ailments, including cancer and the opioid epidemic. It has also been called the devil’s lettuce, with claims that its use will lead to laziness, madness and even murder. In part, this polarization in beliefs can be explained by
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Finding a Medical Marijuana Doctor might not be as easy as you imagined.  A few years ago, many doctors in Oklahoma did not take medical marijuana very seriously. While the tide is changing, there are still many doctors who don’t see the value for their patients. As one doctor put it, “when you spend your undergraduate days watching people in college smoking and sleeping their futures away, it’s easy to reject marijuana as a real
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A new treatment is gaining traction as a wonder drug for depression — but it’s not a new drug. It’s just a new use of a drug that has been around for many, many years. The drug, Ketamine has been in the news, as FDA ponders giving it approval for depression therapy. For those who have struggled with depression and not responded to traditional therapies, doctors have found that many people respond positively to Ketamine
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The active ingredients of Ketamine, a popular club drug, show promise in battling deep despair. By Benedict Carey / Reprinted from the NewYork Times / Feb 12, 2019 In a move that may clear the way for the first new treatment in years for depression, an expert panel recommended on Tuesday that federal regulators approve a nasal spray that delivers the active ingredients of ketamine, a popular club drug in the 1980s and 1990s. The
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