IVhealth is an 8 bay infusion center equipped to provide a vast array of hydration, nutritional, and therapeutic infusions for almost any case type – centered on a natural healing mission.  Ketamine infusion for depression therapy are also conducted at our facility under the supervision of anesthesia professionals. Stem cell injections, PRP Injections and Erecto shots are provided by our experienced medical staff. Our facility is a newly remodeled infusion center where each patient is comforted with tablets, headphones, and private infusion bays.  Certain movie and video apps will also be found on the tablets provided. During your stay, you will be closely monitored by our nurses and practitioners.  Snacks and beverages will also be provided for each bay while you relax in the comfort of the infusion chair.  All IV starts are used with a small lidocaine injection to numb the needle insertion site allowing you a pain free experience.

A Natural Healing Mission

Natural healing is just part of our “whole person” approach to keeping your body running at optimal precision.