Shorten flu symptoms with a 30 minute IV hydration. Consider it an IV Chicken Soup!

Don’t Treat Your Flu Like You Have A Cold

The flu is still hanging around, and with allergy season upon us – well, it’s horrible. And you shouldn’t brush it off lightly. Influenza is a potentially dangerous condition that can not only lay you low for a few days, but can also lead to some serious complications – and in the worst cases scenario, even death. People commonly think of the flu as a more severe version of a cold, but the differences and consequences are significant. While the flu can sometimes include the same common symptoms of a cold (like a runny nose, coughing, sneezing and horrible sore throat) it generally has symptoms that are more severe than a regular cold. Flu symptoms can cause breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness, confusion and chest and abdominal discomfort, high fever, muscle aches, extreme fatigue, severe headaches and more. In addition, the Flu can also lead to other conditions like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus and ear infections. If you feel like you might have the flu, you should get medical attention as quickly as possible. Then you rest, and rest, and rest. But now there is something else you can do to aid your recovery.

Think Of It As An IV Chicken Soup

As good as it sounds, and tastes, were not talking about chicken soup. Sure, chicken soup may make you feel better because it has some critical ingredients, like vegetables and water. Plus, it’ just feels like being nurtured. But mostly it works because it’s a soup and it turns out that fluids are essential for your wellbeing. Secondarily, fluids help you recover from almost all physical ailments. Hydrating and flushing the body are important components of ridding your body from bugs, viruses, and the “icky” feeling. Dehydration is a major issue in many common illnesses and contributes to the increase in symptoms. Dehydration can put you at risk of developing more serious conditions. For example, you may feel your skin (and lips) drying out. You may not go to the bathroom after drinking fluids, and you’re eyes may feel unusually dry. But before you rush out and buy your favorite chicken soup, you need to know some things about our IV fluid relief that can help you feeling better in no time at all.

A Step Beyond With IV Fluids & Vitamins

Our IV fluid relief for flu contains several ingredients. It has a potent mix of multi-vitamins, including Vitamin C that will restore energy and help your body fight the infection. Our IV can also help with reducing pain in the body, and boost your vitamin absorption by almost 400 times of an oral multivitamin. If the flu has you throwing up, vitamin and mineral replacement is extremely necessary to feeling well again. Glutathione, another very powerful anti-oxidant that can boost healing and recovery, can be added as well.

It is not just the ingredients in our “IV Chicken Soup” flu relief that make it powerful. Delivering this potent cocktail intravenously means that they are absorbed into the body very quickly, at least as twice as quickly if you were to take them orally. Speed is the essence in most treatments and getting what you need into your body as fast as possible is essential not just for recovery, but for a rapid recovery. This is the beauty and power of IV treatments. Whether we are giving IV fluid for flu relief, IV relief for hangovers, IV relief for food poisoning, IV relief for jetlag, or IV relief for fatigue, the speed of delivery allows your body to rehydrate and heal quickly. When your body is compromised with disease, our IV therapy can get you refreshed very quickly. Most of our patients say they feel a difference while they are getting the IV!

Simply give us a call at (580) 224-9000 and set up your appointment, have a quick consultation with our physician and then sit back and relax while we deliver today’s modern version of chicken soup!

Next Steps

Now that you know about the benefits of IV fluid hydration, you may be feeling eager to try it. Call us to discuss the variety of drips we offer to choose the one that maximizes your energy.

If you have questions about IV hydration or want to speak to a doctor, contact us so we can help.