hydrated skin, Iv therapy for beautiful skin.

Hydrated skin is beautiful skin.

Hydrated skin is a simple beauty necessity! Not only is optimal hydration key to life, but it can also affect physical appearance.

Hydrated skin is the key to beautiful skin tone, texture and color. Too much fluid and you can appear bloated and swollen, too little and your skin can appear cracked and wrinkled. Optimal hydration is the balance of water, nutrients and good diet that gives your skin a healthy glow. Beneath the skin, water is involved in almost every chemical process in the body. Disruption of this delicate balance can result in poor health consequences and psychological imbalance both of which can then further affect outward projection of vitality.

Therefore, the age-old saying is true, that to shine on the outside, you have to be balanced on the inside. When it comes to your skin, you know that proper and adequate hydration makes all the difference:

About Hydrated Skin

• Your skin looks more plump and supple. For one, having enough water content in our epidermis would not cause our skin to become dehydrated.
• Your skin looks less dull and more healthy.
• Your skin becomes less oily. Your acne is less aggravated.
• Your skin is less itchy and irritated.
• Your foundation can adhere better.

Four Benefits of IV Fluid Hydration

Now that you know how it works, you may be wondering if using IVs for fluid hydration is right for you. There are a lot of benefits that come with using IVs for intense hydration. You may have your own reasons for wanting to try the treatment, but there are four main benefits to it that you can’t overlook.

Feel Energized. Do you feel like you’ve lost the pep in your step? Feeling lethargic can make it difficult to get through the day. Luckily, there could be an easy way for you to feel better. When your body is feeling dehydrated, it’s also lacking energy. IV fluid hydration can help give you the energy boost that you need.

Boost Immunity. Do you feel like you have a hard time getting over minor infections? Were you hit hard by the last cold and flu season? IV fluid could be what you need to give your immune system the boost it needs. This kind of hydration treatment can come with a variety of vitamins and minerals. They can nourish your cells, speed up the detoxification process, and help keep your healthy.

Treat Pain. Do you have aches and pains that don’t seem to go away? When you ask about an IV Drip, let’s talk about whether dehydration could be the cause of your pain. Dehydration symptoms can vary depending on the severity, but aches and pains can be a common sign that your body needs fluids.

Recover Fast. Do you like to push yourself when you’re working out? Do you do intense long distance marathons and races? Are you an active athlete? Do you leave it all on the field – or give it all away during the weekend? An IV full of fluids and vitamins can help you recover from an intense race. Be sure to look into IV hydration loading before your next event if you’re going to be doing extreme physical activity soon.

Next Steps

Now that you know about the benefits of IV fluid hydration, you may be feeling eager to try it. Call us to discuss the variety of drips we offer to choose the one that maximizes your energy.

If you have questions about IV hydration or want to speak to a doctor, contact us so we can help.