A new treatment is gaining traction as a wonder drug for depression — but it’s not a new drug. It’s just a new use of a drug that has been around for many, many years. The drug, Ketamine has been in the news, as FDA ponders giving it approval for depression therapy. For those who have struggled with depression and not responded to traditional therapies, doctors have found that many people respond positively to Ketamine IV Therapy.

Watch this woman talk about her Ketamine experience:

Dr. Henry Ramirez (Medical Director at IV Health Center in Ardmore, OK) has been treating patients with Ketamine IV Therapy with great results.  “I’ve had patients who thought they had given up on life, return to a full and complete life after our Ketamine Therapy”, said Ramirez. “Some return to use for continued treatment, and some find that as the fog lifts, they don’t need as much treatment,” Ramirez added.

Almost 30% of people with depression don’t respond to traditional drug treatments. Even when those prescriptions work, it can take some people up to 8 weeks to start seeing a difference.  When you are feeling like your world is ending – 8 weeks is just too long.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 16 million American adults struggle with major depressive disorder.  Even though the government continues to spend money on research,  the cost to those who struggle with depression is much greater.

“I see patients who have lost jobs, spouses, friends, their house, and more – simply because they are having a hard time functioning in daily life. Ketamine is a game changer. I see it all the time,” Ramirez says.

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