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Flu & Illness Recovery

Feeling rundown by the flu or a bug can leave you less than productive. Our Recovery IV could knock days off your downtime, getting you back to life more quickly.

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Therapeutic/ Nutrition Hydration

Prescription & elective infusions of vitamins/ minerals for illness, boost immunity, energy, supplement nutrition & more

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medical marijuana

Our doctors have a unique understanding to treat and care for chronic conditions and ailments. Evaluation & prescriptions (no dispensary)

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Depression/ Pain Therapy

Revolutionary depression/pain infusions. Discover how Ketamine & other therapies could alleviate depression, PTSD, chronic pain & more

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Athletic Recovery

Athletes will find training and sports recovery easier with proper hydration and balanced vitamin and mineral absorption. Get a boost of energy.

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I had my first IV therapy yesterday at the IV Health Center.  I was referred there by Dr Ramirez after having my baby C-Section. The staff there was very friendly and accommodating. I spoke with the PA there Leanne, told her that I just had a baby and it was C-Section and then she told me what vitamins would benefit me the most. The nurse Heather, was extremely good. They offer you snacks and drinks while you get your infusion done. They also give you a warm blanket and you can request a kindle fire to watch a movie on! The atmosphere is very calming and the whole experience was very relaxing. I couldn't tell a difference until the next day, but I had a ton of energy and I felt better than I have in a long time. I will definitely go back, just an amazing experience with great results! Definitely a happy customer!

J.M Ardmore Ok

My first infusion

I have been having crisis after crisis for like 1 year and a half it was so hard but this last ne I had together with my high mania and my depression at the same time. I lost interest for everything there came a time I did not want to live. Heard about ketamine treatment at IVhealth and the first treatment through iv I was a little scared but at the same time I felt and saw oceans and beautiful colors. After it was over I felt great I even went walking the next day. Then all the other treatments were excellent I felt protected and even loved I saw beautiful castles ith beautiful colors I saw myself running next to the ocean I saw my dog scout and my family. The staff was great and Jason was so trusting, patient and loving. He was the best. I have had six treatments , one of my current medicines was taken away I feel like I don't really need any. I feel hope, happiness and love I feel like I really want to take care of myself and my loved nes I feel that even if something goes wrong there is a big light at the end of my tunnel. Thank you all it has really changed my life

-A.A  Ardmore, Oklahoma

A.A. Ardmore Oklahoma

Crisis after crisis

I had never heard of ketamine infusion before discussing it with my doctor. I have always had anxiety, but as I tried to study for my board exam, it went beyond normal test anxiety. I never fully understood what anxiety could doo to a person's body until this past year, but it has been absolutely debilitating. While I might have been a bit skeptical, at that point, I was willing to try almost anything that might help relieve my crippling anxiety. Jason spent time describing the entire process and letting us know what to expect for each session. During the sessions, I would feel as if I was floating out of my body. I would relive memories, jump through thoughts, or just float through the stars or hike in Oregon. The whole experience was very vivid and somewhat surreal. I explain it as I was a spectator in my own brain watching a movie of my life or flipping through channels. The treatment is painless, just the IV start. The worst thing I experiences was a little double vision and motion sickness but my symptoms resolved after the infusion.

I cannot even express what this treatment has done for me. My family can see the difference and I can feel the difference. Most of the time I feel like a whole new person. I still have my moments, but it's nothing like what it's been like. I have participated in activities that before I would have to been to afraid to even try. Now, I have more focus on preparing for a major exam, and I feel normal test anxiety, not the debilitating anxiety that has kept me knocked down. I am so grateful for the staff at IVhealth for working with me on this and giving me a new option when nothing else was working. It has changed my life, outlook, mood and function more than I could have ever imagined.

-K.R Ardmore Oklahoma

K.R. Ardmore oklahooma

Severe anxiety

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